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Rostislav Akhmechet: Anchored foams and annular homology

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m = Stumm
f = Vollbild
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Lukas Lewark

Rostislav Akhmechet: Anchored foams and annular homology


We describe equivariant sl(2) and sl(3) homology for links in the solid torus, identified with the thickened annulus, via foam evaluation and universal construction. The solid torus is replaced by 3-space with a distinguished line in it. Generators of state spaces for annular webs are represented by foams that may intersect the distinguished line. Intersection points, called anchor points, contribute additional terms to the foam evaluation. State spaces and link homology carry additional gradings coming from anchor points. I will describe our evaluation formula and the resulting annular homology theories, as well as relations to other constructions. This is joint work with Mikhail Khovanov

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